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>> Saturday, February 12, 2011

The company I work for seasonally had a small get together this past week. I guess you could say this was my first official “company party”. From what I’ve seen in movies and on TV, these parties are always a little weird. Its one thing to work with people day in and day out, but it’s another to see then outside the work place. To make matters worse I rarely actually have to see any of my fellow co-workers. Anyways let’s move on to the part about the food.

Pete’s is a sports bar right down the block from the Giants ball park. Since it’s the off season, business in the area was slow and quite for the most part. When I arrived there were only a small number of folks enjoying a post workday drink, and maybe a group of friends eating at a table together. The walls are lined with plenty of flat screen monitors including a large projector screen. Upstairs are a few pool tables and to side is an entry to the neighboring restaurant. Apparently several of them are all owned by the same person. In the center is a well stocked bar with a good selection of beers on tap as well.
After a few introductions and small talk the bosses ordered up some grub for everyone. After this experience I think I am still very much learning how to appreciate the bar atmosphere. There was a selection of pizzas, mini corn dogs, fries, and plenty of drinks. The cheese on the pizza had a strong enough flavor to know it wasn’t typical factory store bought cheese. All of them came steaming hot right out of the oven making the cheese extra gooey. The crust, extra thin, would flop over whenever someone reached for a piece. Both the meat and veggie slices I ate complemented my light ale rather nicely. (I really wish I had remembered the name of whatever they poured me.) All the ingredients were top notch and everything seemed freshly made.

As for the fries, they weren’t anything special. They were typical curly fries probably straight out of a bag that weren’t even seasoned. It was my least favorite for the evening. As for the mini corndogs, they were the better of the two deep fried goodies. I like how they go through the trouble of putting sticks on them, saves the fingers from getting too oily.

Overall Pete’s is the perfect location to watch a sports game or grab a meal after a game. I’d go back to try the mac and cheese I eyeballed at a nearby table. It’s good for both groups or if you’re stag. I might try out some entrees before or after a Giants game one day.

128 King St
(between 2nd St & 3rd St)
San Francisco, CA 94107
Neighborhood: SOMA
(415) 817-5040
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