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>> Monday, May 9, 2011

Man has it been getting warmer lately or is it just me? My hands have been getting stiff from typing in different temperatures. So what would a reasonable person do to ease the pain…get boba. Or I guess the question should be “what does a fatty do after eating a big lunch?”

What can I say? Nothing beats a good milk tea after a warm tasty meal. It tops it all off rather nicely. I see people lining up outside of tea way all the time when I am passing through Irving. Through word of mouth it seems to be the new rage on this side of the city. The place is rather nice even though it can get crowded. Luckily when I went not too many people were in line. But by the time I left there was a pretty lengthy line going out the door. As for the location I think it was a good choice considering the previous frozen yogurt place went under in a matter of months.
Tea Way is different in that the customer chooses the amount of fixings they want in their cup. The person behind the counter fills the cup with liquid and seals it after. The blend was pretty good not being too sweet or milky. The selection is pretty standard with an emphasis in different kinds of tea. Though I didn’t really taste the tea flavor all too much and I have a weird feeling some of the stuff in powdered. The popular drink which I got myself was a milk tea with small pearls. I decided to try something else besides my default Thai iced tea. For $2 it’s not bad of a deal, and the cup was fairly large. The sign outside is true when it says all drinks are $2 to $3. However, this place is definitely not a sit down location. Seating only goes as far as the 4 to 5 winder counter seats.

I think it’s neat how the menu is displayed on 3 massive plasma screens turned in different directions. Parking isn’t bad if you’re willing to walk a bit. Next time I might try out one of their shakes or the pop corn chicken. My guess is this place might kill the competition in the area. But it’s new and still has a while before proving itself for sure.

2150 Irving St
(between 22nd Ave & 23rd Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122
Neighborhood: Outer Sunset
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