Shanghai Dumpling King

>> Thursday, June 2, 2011

Every break by chance I’ll see my old friends from the city. And every break, by chance, different people will show up depending on schedules. And every break, by chance…or routine I guess, I end up planning the get together. This time since we were in my friend’s neck of the woods, we decided on this place since it was close by. Plus it helped that his family goes here often and knows what’s good to order on the menu.

Judging from the outside one would not imagine this place to be all that spectacular. Sure I mean there are plenty of awards of awards posted in the window. But the location is smack dab on the outskirts of town and tucked in the most random location ever. The joint is small and can get rather cramped as my group experienced that afternoon. We were lucky enough to have just the right number for a short wait of no longer than five minutes. (A word of advice is to put your name on the sign in sheet clearly.) The five of us were placed in a tight corner by the window with knees and shoulders touching one another. I didn’t really mind since we’re all like family and small places aren’t anything new to me. The staff consists of family and arguably one of the hardest working I’ve come across in some time.

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