Davis Sushi Buffet

>> Friday, September 23, 2011

Let’s get one thing very clear: I don’t like buffets. In fact I really don’t like buffets at all. They’re expensive, I am not a quantity over quality guy, and I don’t like the idea of gluttony. However, going to this place has been a tradition come every winter break for the past two to three years. And well, I am not about to break tradition so onward to the buffet.

Davis Sushi Buffet is one of the two big sushi buffets that I know of in the Davis area. Upon my last visit I remember being there for quite some time and watching the random techno music videos. Other than the videos being replaced with ESPN and CNN, the place still looked just about the same. Davis Sushi offers a selection of rolls and sashimi that float around a convey belt of boats. Off to the side are warming trays of desserts, fruits, noodles, and other warm dishes to choose from. Everything is set up to help yourself rules with special orders requested from the kitchen.

I tried a few rolls here and there, but a few I remember were the typical California, a Philadelphia, and a shrimp tempura roll. The California roll had huge chunks of avocado and was missing something in between. Some cucumber would have balanced off the richness of the crab mixture and avocado. At least it wasn’t imitation crab otherwise I might have not picked it up. The Philadelphia roll was surprisingly tasty with the cream cheese not being too thick. The shrimp tempura roll wasn’t anything special; I might have as well just gotten plain shrimp tempura.

Most of the sashimi has to be requested from the guy behind the counter. I tried out a small mixed plate so that I could sample a bit of everything. The overall quality is fairly fresh and the flavors are clean. No staleness or odors that I could detect. I wish they had more different pieces of nigiri out on the pickup area. I guess salmon and unagi are the most popular items because that’s the main two that were the majority.

Some of the other items were a selection of deep fried goodies we ordered up for the table. There was soft shell crab, calamari, and oysters. First off I couldn’t understand why they would serve the platter with lemon slices. It just didn’t seem like something you would find in Japanese cuisine. The soft shell crab was alright and went pretty good with the warm dipping sauce. The calamari was nice and chewy with a nice bite to it. Though I had a feeling it wasn’t really calamari, but rather some other type of squid. The oysters were packed with flavor and personally my favorite of the three. I like my oysters a little bigger but these were more appropriate for frying.

The place is pretty modest in size and really clean all around. Well kept by Asian standards. Seating is available either at the sushi bar or tables. I am guessing we went on an off day since it was quiet for the majority of our stay. For $13+tip it’s a fair choice for a buffet especially if you enjoy the sashimi. Chances are I’ll be forced back again on another visit in the future.

707 2nd St
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 297-1999
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Burgers & Brew

>> Friday, September 16, 2011

After the last burger adventure turning out to be terribly lousy, I was more hopeful of this family place. I was Davis, CA visiting a few friends and they decided on this place. Or to be exact, one of them decided due to his immediate hunger. After a short drive from my friend’s house and a quick walk through a farmer’s market we found ourselves at Burgers & Brew.

This place is built in what appears to be some sort of converted residence or office. I am probably wrong considering a lot of foreign places look the same to me. It was a little before normal dinner hours so they were only taking orders at the counter. Just from the look of things this place is very clear in what they specialize. I could already feel my mouth slowly water at the smell of meat hitting the grill. They have a wide selection of beers (many on tap) and wine just waiting to be poured.

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