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>> Friday, September 16, 2011

After the last burger adventure turning out to be terribly lousy, I was more hopeful of this family place. I was Davis, CA visiting a few friends and they decided on this place. Or to be exact, one of them decided due to his immediate hunger. After a short drive from my friend’s house and a quick walk through a farmer’s market we found ourselves at Burgers & Brew.

This place is built in what appears to be some sort of converted residence or office. I am probably wrong considering a lot of foreign places look the same to me. It was a little before normal dinner hours so they were only taking orders at the counter. Just from the look of things this place is very clear in what they specialize. I could already feel my mouth slowly water at the smell of meat hitting the grill. They have a wide selection of beers (many on tap) and wine just waiting to be poured.
After ordering up some food and a pitcher of dark ale (something bastard, can’t remember) we found a open table and shared a few stories. I must say, maybe it was the company or the booze but the ambiance of this place is close to perfect. With a table on the porch by the fireplace and the sun setting in the horizon, life just couldn’t get any better. Little did I know it would be topped off by the delectable addition of a spicy guacamole burger cooked medium rare. There were so many great elements to this creation it’s hard to know where to begin.

The bread was none of that nonsense flat lifeless junk you find elsewhere. This bread had just the slightest bit of crusty exterior and soft interior. The beef actually tasted like beef and had a visible thickness to it. The spicy guacamole was thick and very rich to say the least. The chopped onions were pronounced enough to be noticed but not too overpowering. I couldn’t really make out the jack cheese with the guacamole oozing out other than on a few dry edges. I really appreciate the fact they use different types of lettuce depending on which burger you order. That’s a detail most places tend to over look.

As for sides I decided to go a little lighter with a salad which turned out to be a good idea in the end. It’s a pretty generous amount of food for the price ($10). The vinaigrette was lightly coated the nice pile of greens. And who could forget a slice of pickle to tie everything together. From what I could gather out of the few fries I got off my friends plates they’re reasonable fresh and crispy. Overall it’s not a bad place for a group of friends or even a date. Go early if you want to avoid a possible long wait.

403 3rd St
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 750-3600
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