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>> Thursday, March 1, 2012

Before this place I didn't think there was such a thing as bad Chinese food. I mean sure, there's places that aren't quite "authentic" but they still serve decent quality food. Others might have a bad dish here or there, but they make it up with some spectacular supporting dishes. Hong Kong Delights is the opposite of that possibility. This place could be the definition of what bad Chinese food is. Let's first start with the pitiful excuse for a dinning room. At this place the dinning room is more of a dinning "area". Half of the main room consists of industrial size bags of rice, oversize machines with indistinct purposes (mostly there for show or storage), and remnants of a former pizza parlor. My personal favorite decor element is the Macy's store doormat. (I am curious how they got that...)
Normally it's understandable for me if the restrooms aren't exactly top notch. (I am a boy and if it's not number two then it's all good.) But the restroom at this place is dim, dark, and without soap. Which makes me wonder what the staff uses to wash their hands after using the toilet. Don't even get me started about the staff. The wait staff here could care less about service. The guy sitting behind the counter was fiddling with his phone for a good 5 minutes before he brought us the paper takeout version of the menus. Oh and did I mention that the placemats are blank sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper. Further, the chefs decided to make their own lunch and eat it out in the dinning area before finishing our order. This might explain why my dad and I were the only ones in the place.

All of this might have been understandable if not for the actual food. First order was some classic walnut shrimp. A simple and rather straight forward dish. The walnuts were stale and had the texture of old popcorn. The shrimp was not remotely crispy at all, and cold in the middle. They were smoothered in really rancid tasting mayo or cream. The bed of lettuce was torn apart carelessly by hand, almost as if a child did it. Apparently the people in the kitchen have never heard of a knife.

The second dish was no redeemer as well. The order was seafood chowmein. Cold, everything cold on the dish. I was questioning if anything was actually cooked on the dish. The vegtables were discolored and wilted like they were taken out of a compost heap. The fish pieces were still a little frozen in the middle. The noodles were not crisp at all and burnt up on the edges. It was a heaping mess of gravy, seafood, and noodles.

Last order was steamed chicken. There seemed to be a reoccuring theme of cold at this place. This dish was no exception. The chicken was almost icey cold. The skin looked disastorous and the bone was bloody red still. The ginger sauce that came with it looked blended up in a food processor. (I wouldn't be surprised if it was.) The pieces were also cut sideways and in different directions.

To top it off the tea was also barely warm. I like my tea piping hot, otherwise it throws off the entire meal. Obviously the tea was no help in this case.

Overall, it was a experience worth forgetting. Fast food places serve better food than this place. I have no clue why we decided to eat here in the first place.

295B Orizaba Ave
(between Farallones St & Broad St)
San Francisco, CA 94132
(415) 333-8399
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