Grubbin Vol. 01

>> Thursday, September 6, 2012

def. voracious eating, chowing down, pleasure to the senses, good times

Sometimes I talk a lot about food, other times a picture says everything for me. This is a collection of the later. The start of a ongoing series...

Kraft Brew Festival

San Jose Summer Kraft Brew Festival 2012


A very creative combo bun, all the best Chinese buns put together. (Hot dog, onion, dried pork, sesame, and cha-siu pork.)


Dinner; lightly sauced fettuccine, fresh corn, and extra crispy roasted chicken.


AT&T Park, watching the Giants with a Sheboygan


Froyo on a hot afternoon, my friend couldn't wait for me to take a picture. Smore's crisp combo if I remember correctly.


Zucchini blossom; ended up stuffing half with pork and half with fish. At one time my auntie grew them.


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