Momofuku You!

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I think it's the restaurant's name that caught my eye initially. The little kid inside me couldn't help but laugh obnoxiously at the silly sounding title. But it's the man behind the restaurant that kept me reading more. David Chang is definitely a down to earth character and another chef I admire. After reading and watching interviews about him, it's clear he has a unique style and doesn't care what other people think.

I love his thoughts on creativity in the kitchen and I totally agree on authenticity being overrated. There's no point in chasing after authenticity because it's already not being made in it's home country- or something along those lines. I liked how it was the pressure of running out of money that forced him to be more creative. Creative to the point that he created a entirely new pork product. And when his brussel sprout dish grew too popular he had the courage to take it off the menu. Who does THAT? But I completely agree. Chefs, or anyone for that matter, lose their creativity if they keep doing the same thing. Chang didn't want to be known for one single dish, so he tossed it out the door all together.

Impossible Chinese Mission

>> Monday, January 14, 2013

I've had more time on my hands as of late. I thought it'd be fitting to pick up where I left off on this blog as a way to keep my mind occupied. I'll be sharing some great finds that I've wanted to read or watch over the past year but only found the time to do so now.

Mission Chinese Food.

Danny Bowien's Mission Chinese caught my in the early summer of last year. I read up a lot of articles about him and watched plenty of random interviews. He's a soft spoken character and is careful with his words. For some reason he reminds me a Andy Warhol type of guy, not sure why to be honest. I still haven't had the opportunity to try his food yet. You can read my review of Mission Chinese here.

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