Mission Chinese Food

>> Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Man this is good, but... it's definitely... different"

I can't think of a better quote to describe this place. It's exactly what I was thinking while digging into lunch here. Mission Chinese Food sums up the spirit of San Francisco by being different and not exactly following tradition, while all at the same time still paying respect to cultural roots. Chef Danny Bowein's take on Chinese food has really taken the city by storm in the past several years. Bowein has really caught the eye of the food world by making the food he wants to eat.

I popped in with a friend on a late weekday afternoon to see a moderate sized crowd. Luckily there was no wait as we took a table on the far end of the dim christmas lights lit room. The notorious over sized dragon is quite a sight to see up close and really does bring the place alive. I couldn't help but smile seeing the original owners from Lung Shan still working the tables. It seems nowadays its just a way for them to keep busy which I admire.

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