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>> Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friend, there are fewer finer things in this world than well made pork products. Sausages to be precise.

Yes, crafted from humble ingredients in a laborious and painstaking fashion, sausages are among my favorite porky products. It takes a certain finesse to transcend a good sausage into a great sausage. Arguably, Rosamunde has been able to achieve this. I've been excited to go to Rosamunde for quite some time now. The web has been buzzing about it ever since the Haight Street location made a name for itself. The newer Mission location couldn't be in a better spot and fits in with the cheap eats of the neighborhood.

I made the journey to the Mission spot on a late weekday afternoon. The lunch rush had long passed so only a few patrons were sitting at the bar. With no one waiting in line I asked the lady at the register a little bit about the selection. She was super informative and knew what the qualities were for each variety. She asked whether I wanted something on the savory, sweet, or spicy side.


After some recommendations I decided to go with the Hungarian with sauerkraut and grilled onions. My friend went with the Chicken Habenero with beef chili and grilled onions. No beers for today, but the wide selection was definitely tempting. The menu even has a beer sausage that sounded pretty enticing.

While waiting for our order we took the atmosphere of natural wood furnishings, wide picnic table seating, and sliding windows to let the sunshine into the room. Some classic show I couldn't make out was being played on the television by the bar. It was certainly a calm and relaxing day- the perfect day to snack on some sausages.

Then we feasted. My Hungarian was well packed and had a nice bite to it. Not too dense or loose for my preference. The smokiness of the pork was subtle and melded wonderfully with the grilled onions. I really liked taste of what looked like caraway seeds in the meat. In retrospect I should have opted for no ketchup so I could taste more of the flavors. The lightly toasted bun was a much better quality than what you'd expect anywhere else. It had a thin crust that broke softly when you bit into it, but was still firm enough to hold the contents.

My friend was enjoying his Chicken Habenero just as much as me. He said the amount of chili wasn't too much so that you could still pick it up. The habenero stood out to him and added a kick to the sausage.


Overall, at roughly $6.00 for most sausages on the menu, Rosamunde is the perfect place to kick back after a long day. The admire Rosamunde's approach to elevating such a simple product into something special. I love the casual environment of this place and ability to sit around for as long as you want. I can't wait try the rest of the sausages on the menu. Maybe I'll venture out to the Haight Street location. So many to choose from, what will I ever do?

2832 Mission St
(between 24th St & 25th St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 970-9015
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