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Hi, I am Tim. I am the 20-something year old voice behind this blog. I am a San Francisco native and I love all kinds of food. This blog is a constant work in progress, but is labor of love none the less.

One of my guilty pleasures are Costco hot dogs, still one of the best food deals hands down. Seriously, how can you go wrong with a hot dog and drink for less than two dollars?! I like getting everything on it especially the sauerkraut.

I am a San Francisco Giants fan through and through. I would say I bleed black and orange, but if that was really the case then I'd probably have to make a doctors appointment.

When I am not eating or cooking I enjoy being outdoors. I tend to go on long bike rides to get some fresh air in my lungs. I also love reading comic books in my free time. I like both the Spider-man super hero kind as well as the Calvin and Hobbes variety.

Below is a rough collection of bits history that make this blog what it is today...

The Secret Ingredients
A collection of stories of how I got started blogging and becoming interested in food.
Part 1--Why blogger?
Part2--Why writing?

Combos and Sides
Ben "Cookie" Cook- Only three words can describe this man. Luscious. Mouthwatering. Spicy. Sweet. Savory. That's not three words, but frankly three words is not enough to describe this man. He doesn't write on this blog anymore, but there was a time when he was my writing buddy. He's the Cookie to my Lemon Tea and remains a good friend to this day.

Extra Spicy and Grilled (Past Guest Writers Before the "Shift")
David “Pigpen/Pancake” Pan is an incoming sophomore at Knox College in IL. A self-described postmodernist with a logical and brutally analytical personality, his life-long hobbies include writing, philosophizing, and improving his writing style to become a more self-aware writer. However, when he is away from the keyboard, he is a DIEHEART Chicago White Sox and SF Giants Fan, passionately rooting for both teams to record a win with the final pitch in the final out.

Christie Hirtzel is an incoming sophomore and Anthropology major at Vassar College in NY. Her activities in and out of school include various stage crew jobs in theatrical productions, martial arts, working in the Archaeology lab, and maintaining a personal blog at: misssincerely.blogspot.com

Gretchen Sumera is a vibrant, working professional, residing in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.  With a baccalaureate degree in social sciences, her love for writing runs deep and plans to pursue graduate studies in journalism and public relations in 2011.  Aside from her addiction to coffee, you can find her tantalizing her taste buds in and around SF’s mouthwatering restaurants or boarding a plane to satisfy her need for travel.  On a personal note, view her survival tactics at: palerouge.wordpress.com

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